mOtpremnica overview

mDelivery Note - Platform for complete digital transformation of delivery. Enables all users in the process chain (from the supplier's warehouse, through one or more suppliers,

to the end customer, to digitally sign the eDelivery note when picking up the order and create a report who will inform about the lack of goods or possible damage of the order during the delivery process step.

In the "paper" world, the eDelivery note is physically signed and stamped; using the mDelivery note, the digitized signature is stored as metadata next to the eShipping note (with document visualization), and the device / card with NFC chip replaces the stamp and it stores all the data necessary to identify the customer and the individual taking over the goods.

Within this platform there is an integration with MeR, as well as with ERPs System Architecture, LoFi & HiFi Prototype, API, Web site, backend, Android app.