Discovered by Coke

Discovered by Coke – A platform within fans of certain performers in Serbia can upload videos where they sing their favorite songs by one of the specific performers.

These videos could be uploaded only if fans had a CocaCola code.

Main purpose for uploading videos was to be chosen and mentored by one of the professional singers from Serbia.

The best videos were reworded with studio recording and concert.

Within this project we have developed CMS tool for creation on various games, content, designs System Architecture, LoFi Prototype, MVP, CMS, API, Web, Android, IOS, Analytics.

Within this platform we have developed also mobile VR application and the initialization of the app was from CocaCola.

After scanning the CocaCola can with mobile device, it recognized the shape of the singer and automatically played video from that singer in the local VR surrounding, which was fun and easy for customers to apply and participate in the program. This project has been received award on Somo 2020 festival for several categories: - Somo Tech, - Somo App - Somo Digital Mix Zagreb System Architecture, Backend, API, IOS and Android apps, Web site.